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My Erdös Number and My Trump Number 3

I've long known that my Erdös Number is 3. This means that the length of the path on the graph of academic coauthorship between me and mathematician Paul Erdös is 3. Somewhat to my surprise, I recently discovered that I can also trace a chain of coauthorship to Donald J. Trump. My Trump number is 5.... read more >>

Lake Arrowhead Coauthor Graph Revisited

The Lake Arrowhead Coauthor Graph came out of the Householder XII conference in 1993 at the UCLA conference center in the mountains north of San Bernardino. John Gilbert now remembers it as one of the first computational social network analyses he had ever seen. Today I revisit it using the new MATLAB graph object.... read more >>

Ulps Plots Reveal Math Function Accuracy 2

"ULP" stands for "unit in the last place." An ulps plot samples a fundamental math function such as $\sin{x}$, or a more esoteric function like a Bessel function. The samples are compared with more accurate values obtained from a higher precision computation. A plot of the accuracy, measured in ulps, reveals valuable information about the underlying algorithms.... read more >>

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