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The Three n Plus One Conjecture 2

If $n$ is odd, replace $n$ by $3n+1$, if not, replace $n$ by $n/2$. Repeat. A famous conjecture made by Lothar Collatz is that no matter what value of $n$ is chosen to start, the process eventually terminates at $n=1$. Do not expect a proof, or a counterexample, in this blog. ... read more >>

Touch-Tone Telephone Dialing 8

We all use Fourier analysis every day without even knowing it. Cell phones, disc drives, DVDs, and JPEGs all involve fast finite Fourier transforms. This post, which describes touch-tone telephone dialing, is the first of three posts about the computation and interpretation of FFTs. The posts are adapted from chapter 8 of my book, Numerical Computing with MATLAB . ... read more >>

Householder Symposium XIX Trip Report

The nineteenth Householder Symposium, Householder XIX, was held June 8-13 at Sol Cress, a conference center near Spa, Belgium. If you have been following either the web or the newletter edition of Cleve's Corner you know that the Gatlinburg/Householder series of conferences have played an important role in both my professional life and the history of MATLAB. I attended what turned out to be the third conference in the series, in Gatlinburg, Tennesse, when I was a graduate student in 1964. I have been to all 17 of the conferences that have been held since 1964. Here is a link to my News and Notes article about the Gatlinburg/Householder conferences.... read more >>

Reverse Singular Value Decomposition 2

Employing a factorization based on the least significant singular values provides a matrix approximation with many surprisingly useful properties. This Reverse Singular Value Decomposition, RSVD, is also referred to as Subordinate Component Analysis, SCA, to distinguish it from Principal Component Analysis. ... read more >>

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