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Pentium Division Bug Affair

In my previous blog post I reprinted the Cleve's Corner article from the 1995 issues of MATLAB News and Notes and SIAM News about the Pentium division bug. In today's post I would like to describe some of the effects that affair had on the emerging Internet, the MathWorks, and the Intel Corporation,... read more >>

Pentium Division Bug Revisited 3

The Pentium division bug episode in the fall of 1994 was a defining moment for the MathWorks, for the Internet, for Intel Corporation, and for me personally. In this blog I am reprinting the article that I wrote for the Winter 1995 issue of MATLAB News and Notes and for SIAM News. In my next blog I want to discuss the episode's impact.... read more >>

Post About 1976 SVD Film Is Available

Several days ago I accidentally triggered a premature annoucement of a post about a "1976 Matrix Singular Value Decomposition Film". Many readers who tried to find that post were greeted with an unwelcome 404 error message, "Not Found". The post is now available: Last week's post.... read more >>