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Wilkinson’s Matrices

One of Jim Wilkinson's outstanding skills was his ability to pick great examples. A previous post featured his signature polynomial. This post features his signature matrices.... read more >>

Hilbert Matrices 6

The inverse Hilbert matrix, invhilb, has recently made surprise appearances in Cody, the programming game on MATLAB Central, and one of Ned's posts in the MATLAB Spoken Here blog. Inverse Hilbert matrices had nearly been forgotten in MATLAB. Their comeback is due to the sign pattern of their entries. But I want to take you back to their original role demonstrating ill conditioning in numerical calculation.... read more >>

Game of Life, Part 1, The Rule 1

This is part one of a series of posts about John Conway's Game of Life. One deceptively simple rule leads to an incredible variety of patterns, puzzles, and unsolved mathematical problems, and a beautiful use of MATLAB sparse matrices. ... read more >>