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I played Wembley: A MATLAB conference in London 2

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome guest poster, Ned Gulley. Ned is the guru behind all sorts of neat projects including social computing, the File Exchange, MATLAB contests, etc. Today he… read more >>

Automatic Variable Highlighting 19

Another new feature in the MATLAB R2010b Editor is the automatic highlighting of variable and subfunction names. Highlighting a variable or subfunction usage is easy, just click on any variable or… read more >>

R2010b Comment Wrapping Improvements 8

In R2010b we made a series of improvements to the “comment wrapping” feature in the MATLAB Editor. In this two-part series, we’ll take a detailed dive into those improvements.
In this first…

Getting a Response to Your Questions on Newsreader 7

As most of our readers know, MATLAB Central‘s Newreader application allows you to easily read and post from the comp.soft-sys.matlab Usenet newsgroup. About 100 questions are posted to the… read more >>

Documentation past and future 1

For R2010b, the help team was busy working on two major updates to the documentation provided on our web site.
First, as Steve and Loren have already noted, we now provide a glimpse at the past with… read more >>

Simple XML Node Creation 17

Last time in my XML series, I showed you how to use xmlread to create an XML Document object in MATLAB. I also promised to follow up on that with more information on how to use the Document object.... read more >>

New and Updated Features in MATLAB R2010b 11

Even though our 6-month releases are well scheduled, it always feels like they sneak up on me. Well, MATLAB R2010b is available now. There are lots of great new features in there, including a few… read more >>

MATLAB Mobile 1.1 Released 10

It has been about 2 months since we introduced MATLAB Mobile and we are thrilled to see your interest through your comments on the Desktop blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Mike, myself, and many others… read more >>

Finding Cool Content in MATLAB Central’s File Exchange 1

If you are trying to solve a problem using MATLAB and need some ideas on how to approach the problem, File Exchange can be a source of inspiration or maybe even provide the solution for you. As I am… read more >>

Using MATLAB Mobile to Save Money

This weekend my MATLAB Mobile app more than paid for itself--which is not hard, since it's free! Over the weekend I went shopping for a new car. When it was time to discuss financing, I was presented... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 52