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Private Cody Leaderboards 5

Anna works in the Interdimensional Transport Group at Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems. Her team of ten engineers is using a lot of MATLAB these days, and she thinks it would be good for them to brush up… read more >>

Most Popular Files in 2018

Here are the most popular File Exchange submissions from the Community, MathWorks Staff, and MathWorks Teams in 2018 by downloads  ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …….. read more >>

Community Q&A – Madhan Ravi 1

If you have been to MATLAB Answers recently you have noticed the name Madhan Ravi climbing up the Leaderboard. Here is a Q&A with Madhan Ravi.

Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Can…

Women in Tech at MathWorks

This post was assembled by Anoush Najarian. Anoush works at MathWorks as a performance engineer. Her job is to make MATLAB go fast. Among her many other interests (robotics, maker culture, Internet… read more >>

Posts 11 - 18 of 18