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ThingSpeak Updates

After a couple of weeks of open registration for ThingSpeak, we have received many email, questions, and comments. Over 100 ThingSpeak channels have been created so far and the APIs are getting a work out. We have implemented a number of changes to the API, added some new apps, and wrote up 4 new tutorials since our last update. We wanted to take a second and say thanks for the feedback. We look forward to your projects and seeing what new things we can create together.

Here are the latest updates:

  • ThingHTTP is a ThingSpeak App that allows a device to connect to web services via simple HTTP calls. In some cases your favorite API like Twilio or Prowl may require SSL and Basic Authentication, which may not be possible on a microcontroller. ThingHTTP simplifies that process by allowing you to create complex HTTP requests and making the requests for your device.
  • We updated our server times! And, added a synchronization service. [nice catch, cburt]
  • The ThingSpeak API for specific entries now includes Prepend and Append parameters. With this you can add text to the response from our API. Prepend adds text to the front of the response and append adds text after the last/txt response. So, you can write something like &prepend=My temperature is &append= degrees. When you ask for your field1/last.txt, we reply, “My temperature is 52 degrees”. This is useful for Twilio calls and SMS txt’s.
  • We integrated ThingTweet with the push message services of ioBridge. So now ioBridge users can send Twitter Status Updates without using a third-party email service.

Here’s what we are working on now:

  • Adding “memcached”
  • Finishing up Plugins

We welcome any new feedback. Feel free to complain, comment, or help make this a better service!

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