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ThingSpeak Shower Time Analysis with RFID and Arduino

Posted by Hans Scharler,

[Paul Asselin] was curious to see how long he spent showering in an effort to reduce energy and resource consumption. Paul had a bunch of parts laying around, an Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Real-time Clock module, and an RFID reader. He decided to make a system that allows you to “check in” when you shower and upload the data for analysis to ThingSpeak.

ThingSpeak Showering Analysis and Resource Monitoring

Paul says,

I wanted to know how much time I was spending under the shower each day, especially in these environmentally conscious times. The benefits of that are that I can perhaps save some money on the water bills and also study the effect of temperature on my showering time.

ThingSpeak Shower Time Analysis with RFID and Arduino Ethernet

[via Paul Asselin]