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ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

openPICUS + ThingSpeak = Open Source Wireless Internet of Things

openPICUS just released some new features for the FlyPort Wi-Fi module. openPICUS is an open source wireless platform that uses Wi-Fi and freeRTOS to connect things to the web. One new feature is hibernation mode for lower energy use with battery-powered applications. The other new feature is integration with ThingSpeak. All you have to do is download the ThingSpeak.com Library from openPICUS and use it with your FlyPort Wi-fi device. Now, you can sensors connected to ThingSpeak for data logging, visualizations, and access to all of the ThingSpeak apps, such as ThingTweet and ThingHTTP. Welcome to the Open Source Wireless Internet of Things!

FlyPort Speaks with ThingSpeak

From the openPICUS announcement:

A wide range of sensors can interfaced to FlyPort, it has more than 20 remappable I/O pins and with a few rows of code your sensors goes online to the ThingSpeak servers. In this way you avoid the server side work, database management and graphics and you have real time data visualization as well as trends and so on.

Here’s a video from openPICUS that explains how to get started with FlyPort + ThingSpeak.

[via openPICUS Blog]

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