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Send Tweets using Arduino Ethernet [Updated Tutorial] 4

Posted by Hans Scharler,

We have updated our ThingTweet Tutorial to cover the Arduino Ethernet and the new Arduino IDE (v1 and above). ThingTweet is a ThingSpeak App that allows you to send Twitter status updates via your Arduino microcontroller with an Ethernet shield or with Ethernet integrated onto one board. Our Arduino examples for ThingSpeak and ThingSpeak Apps have been moved to GitHub, so that you can easily download, modify, and contribute updates.

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Angel replied on : 3 of 4
Hello , If I want to send one string with label of counter for example i=0; String message = Alert, it´s detected fire, number: "; message += i; tweet(message); I tried to send this string with this label, i hope that you can help me please, thanks the platform is Arduino thanks , best reggards Angel