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Cigar Humidor Updates Twitter – Powered by ThingSpeak and Arduino 2

Posted by Hans Scharler,

[CAVA] created a cigar humidor with a social life. A humidor stores cigars in a humidity controlled environment to maintain freshness, but this special humidor sends the humidity sensor value to ThingSpeak and alerts Twitter when you need to add water. The project uses a humidity sensor and an Arduino Ethernet to post the data to the ThingSpeak API.

ThingSpeak Cigar Humidor IoTMi Humidor de Cigarros conectado a Internet por medio de un Arduino.

C.A.V.A. has more info about the project, parts list, and photos on his website.

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angel replied on : 2 of 2
Hi, Dear safak, you can send me your code? please, I need to connect me to twitter for send SMS and Twitts throug alerts for my project of master, I hope you can help me best regards