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Forgetting Something on Your To Do List? Use MATLAB to Analyze Your Tasks.

Allie Fauer, a designer from New York, has released another awesome Instructable tutorial on how to build a “To Do List Reminder Light”. This project is very creative and easy to build on your own. Allie tracks her tasks on an app called Todoist. With a little help of the MATLAB Analysis app on ThingSpeak, Allie is able to analyze her tasks and alert herself of anything overdue. She gently reminds herself with a glowing “Remembrall” globe.

To Do List Reminder Light

Allie uses the MATLAB Analysis app on ThingSpeak to check her to do list and see if anything is overdue. If a task is overdue, the MATLAB code writes the task overdue into a ThingSpeak channel. The MATLAB code is very straightforward and does a bit of analysis on her task list to see what is overdue. To get the MATLAB Analysis code to keep checking her task last, she schedules the MATLAB code using the TimeControl app on ThingSpeak.

Allie also has other ideas on how to make use of her status light:

  • Alert you when you’ve forgotten to water your plants
  • Tell you when you’re out or range of important objects like your keys or wallet
  • Combine with IFTTT to alert you when you’ve forgotten to respond to emails or phone notifications

To build your own Remembrall light, follow the step-by-step tutorial on Instructables.

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