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Smart Home Project with ThingSpeak, Arduino, chipKIT, and Drupal 1

Posted by Hans Scharler,

Via Twitter, we caught wind of a project by a group of Rutgers University SCI ITI students. As their final project, the team built a working model of a smart home using sensors connected to ThingSpeak cloud services via Arduino and chipKit. They were able to embed their data and integrate with their Drupal-based website and show… read more >>

Home Automation System HomeVisionXL adds ThingSpeak Plugin

Posted by Hans Scharler,

HomeVisionXL adds a ThingSpeak Plugin for environmental data logging to their home automation controller. HomeVisionXL “is a cross-platform tool for developing schedules for the HomeVision integrated home controller.” The plugin was created by ThingSpeak user bgardner and adds data logging capability to the HomeVision home automation system.

Visit the ThingSpeak Plugin page for…