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Smart Home Project with ThingSpeak, Arduino, chipKIT, and Drupal 1

Posted by Hans Scharler,

Via Twitter, we caught wind of a project by a group of Rutgers University SCI ITI students. As their final project, the team built a working model of a smart home using sensors connected to ThingSpeak cloud services via Arduino and chipKit. They were able to embed their data and integrate with their Drupal-based website and show… read more >>

Home Automation System HomeVisionXL adds ThingSpeak Plugin

Posted by Hans Scharler,

HomeVisionXL adds a ThingSpeak Plugin for environmental data logging to their home automation controller. HomeVisionXL “is a cross-platform tool for developing schedules for the HomeVision integrated home controller.” The plugin was created by ThingSpeak user [bgardner] and adds data logging capability to the HomeVision home automation system.

Visit the ThingSpeak Plugin page for…