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The MATLAB Live Script Gallery

Today I’d like to introduce a guest blogger, David Garrison, who is a MATLAB Product Manager here at MathWorks. Dave will talk about the Live Script Gallery where you can go to view and run interesting live scripts from the MATLAB Community.


The Live Script Gallery

Hello everyone. Loren has been kind enough to let me use her blog to tell you about the Live Script Gallery. The Live Script Gallery is a new page on our website where you can go to view and run a collection of live scripts written by members of the MATLAB Community.

When you visit the Live Script Gallery page you will see something like this:

The gallery contains 30 example live scripts. You can visit the File Exchange entry for any of these examples by clicking on "View on File Exchange". Once there, you can download the example and run it in MATLAB or MATLAB Online.

More importantly, you can run (and even edit) any of these examples in your browser by clicking on "Run this Example". This will open the live script in a browser-based version of the MATLAB Live Editor powered by MATLAB Online. When you open the example to run it in the browser, you see something that looks like the picture below. You can run the live script using the "Run" button in the toolstrip. You can also run individual sections from the toolstrip or by clicking on the blue bar on the left hand side.

Creating Your Own Live Scripts

If you would like to learn more about how to create your own live scripts, visit the MATLAB Live Editor page. The Live Editor was introduced with MATLAB R2016a and allows you to combine code, output, and formatted text in a single executable document. Use live scripts to tell a story. Enhance your code and output with images and hyperlinks. Insert equations using the interactive editor or create them using LaTeX. Add interactive controls to set values in your script. You can then share your live scripts directly with colleagues, so they can reproduce or expand on your work. Publish your work as a PDF, HTML, or LaTeX document.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or comments about the Live Script Gallery or want to tell us about your use of the Live Editor, please let us know here.

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