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I'm a big fan of using the MATLAB Profiler and M-Lint to figure out ways to optimize the efficiency and performance of my code. While these tools are a big help, there are still a lot of things that they don't address (such as total memory consumption). I've just started using the MATLAB Monitoring Tool that Joe Conti posted to the File Exchange. (OK, I admit - I got a pre-release copy a few weeks ago :) ) This tool is somewhat similar to the Windows Task Manager, providing a real-time scrolling view of memory and processor consumption. It goes into a lot of detail, including tracking the amount of memory Java is using and the number of Handle Graphics objects in memory. My favorite feature shows the largest contiguous memory block. If you are trying to squeeze the most data through your application, this is a nice way to know what you've got to work with. BTW - Joe is one of our graphics developers, so I'm sure you could get some good programming ideas from reading his code. Thanks, Joe!
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