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Clipboard to Excel

A lot of us MATLAB users hate to admit it, but sometimes circumstances arise and for reasons beyond our control, we need to use Excel. When that happens it is nice to be able to easily bring your data to Excel. There are functions that will do that in MATLAB like, XLSWRITE or XLSREAD. There are products like Excel Link and MATLAB Builder for Excel that help bring MATLAB and Excel closer together.

This is great, but what if you want to do something really simple like copy a single matrix from MATLAB and paste it into Excel. You could always copy it directly from the array editor. But that is like what, three clicks or something. Why go through all that work when Grigor has written this script, num2clip, that will copy a matrix directly to your clipboard so you can just go paste it without copying it manually. I am all for making things that much easier. Also being a function like this allows you to put it into a GUI that you build in MATLAB, adding some nice functionality.

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