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Multiple Workspaces

This week’s pick is a recommendation that came to me by e-mail from Gordon. The recommendation was for “Multiple Concurrent Workspaces“. This utility has great help, well… read more >>

To the clipboard

As you might guess, I use MATLAB for a lot of things beyond technical computing. This weekend, I was doing quite a bit of cutting and pasting. I thought it would be better to have MATLAB do a lot of… read more >>

Simulink pick

I am a MATLAB kind of guy, but there is a whole other side to the File Exchange: Simulink. I enlisted Becky’s help in choosing a good Simulink file this week:
This is a single block that you…

file1, file10, file2 sorting problem: solved 2

Brett suggested this Pick of the Week, and I very much agree with his review:
It seems that every computer user, at one point or another, has been faced with sorting a selection of strings that… read more >>

Distributed computing video 3

I spend most of my time at The MathWorks thinking about Distributed Computing. I recently did a webinar that discusses this capability and wanted to share it with you before it goes into the… read more >>

New video for file exchange tools

There is a new set of tools on the File Exchange that make it easier to quickly evaluate files and manage them. Try it out this file about TeX editing and a few others.
Note: I updated the file…

File Exchange Select 5

Ned Gulley, one of my good friends at The MathWorks and a member of the MATLAB Central Team, asked me to send this announcement out to everyone about the new File Exchange Select:
The File Exchange…

Three dimensional polar plots 2

This blog has been going on for a few years now, and you may have noticed that the name has recently changed. Scott is still happily doing MATLAB stuff at the MathWorks but has decided to step aside… read more >>

Finite element analysis of elastic bodies 2

Ofek wrote me the other day saying I should check out his SpringLab for modeling elastic bodies in “real time” in MATLAB. It has a great visualization component that got me interested…. read more >>

Frame by frame movies

It seems that whenever I need something, I go to MATLAB Central and someone has already coded it up for me.
That is what happened this week. I am working with some customers to get their Avian… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 39