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Dynamic plot zooming 1

Another pick from our special guest John D'Errico: In my travels around the file exchange, every once in a while I trip over a tool that just makes me smile. This is one of them. A very... read more >>

Data Acquisition from Word? 1

Who’d have thought that you could acquire data from test hardware from directly within a Microsoft Word document? Who’d have thought that anybody would even want to?
Ethan Woodruff did,…

Apply a function to files 1

Thanks again to John D’Errico for giving Scott an extended break …
Following the advent of a more sophisticated cellfun in the newest matlab release, we now have FILEFUN, by Jerker… read more >>

Congrats to the winner

Claudio Gelmi was the first person to answer my trivia question from last week. There were many ‘interesting’ answers about who was pictured in this photo.

The person is not Lena of…

Rotate a Picture GUI

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange.
I am a big fan of wrapping up MATLAB functionality in simple, easy to use GUIs, especially for image… read more >>

What time is it?

A common exercise for new hires at The MathWorks is to program a clock in MATLAB. By providing little to no specific guidance, we see a very wide range of creative programs. I recently harrassed Mike... read more >>


Here’s another entry from our guest picker, John D’Errico, as Doug and I enjoy another week relaxing …
Have you ever wanted to visualize the feasible set from a set of inequalities?… read more >>

Wildcard WHICH

This is a very exciting week for Scott and Doug’s POTW – we get to take the week off, to make room for a pick from our very special guest, John D’Errico. Thanks for the vacation,… read more >>

3D Navigation

While MATLAB has always led the pack for visualizing multidimensional data sets, I've got to admit that its support for navigating 3-Dimensional space has always been a bit lacking. The camera... read more >>