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StructDlg (Part 2 of 2) 3

Bob's pick this week is StructDlg by Alon Fishbach.   This is a follow-on from last week's pick. Do you build MATLAB applications with a graphical user interface (GUI)? Do want to... read more >>

STRUCTDLG (Part 1 of 2) 1

Bob's pick this week is STRUCTDLG by Marco Cococcioni. This is a nifty data editing tool. Suppose you have a structure with a few named fields in your MATLAB... read more >>

Want to get rid of your code comments? 2

Brett's Pick this week allows you to strip comments from your code, should you need to do so. Several years ago--while building several large, multi-file applications--I... read more >>


Bob's pick this week is addaxis by Harry Lee. First, I'd like to thank Andres for drawing my attention to this submission with his comment to last week's... read more >>

linkzoom 2

Bob's pick this week is linkzoom by Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera. The following plot shows temperature versus depth in two sets of units.Z = linspace(0,150)'; ... read more >>

Close All But…

Like this blog post, today's Pick is short and sweet. File cab.m, by new first-time contributor Karl, allows you to keep only the figures you specify, and to close the rest . ... read more >>


Bob's pick this week is uilineshift by Paul Koch. Do you ever plot multiple data sets? Have you ever wanted to nudge one a little to help compare it... read more >>

Writing to STL files 17

Jiro's pick this week is surf2stl by Bill McDonald. About a month ago, at a seminar I gave at a university, a graduate student came up to me and asked whether there was a function ... read more >>