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Circular Statistics Toolbox (Directional Statistics)

Bob's pick this week is Circular Statistics Toolbox (Directional Statistics) by Philipp Berens. I remember lots of A-ha moments in college when I realized the... read more >>

Colored Area on a Curved Surface

Bob's pick this week is Colored Area on a Curved Surface by Michael Wunder. This is a nice example of quantitative image analysis. Given a heat map and region... read more >>

Integrating the File Exchange with the MATLAB Desktop 3

This week's Pick of the Week takes a turn "out of the box"; rather than select a file, I'd like to highlight new functionality in MATLAB that allows one to interface with... read more >>


Bob's pick this week is lasso.m by Thomas Rutten. Suppose you have a set of XY points. You plot them to see how they spread out. You decide a... read more >>

Easier (and less error-prone) creation of Zip files 7

Brett's Pick this week is exportToZip, by fellow MathWorker Malcolm Wood. I recently received an email from a File Exchange user informing me that a GUI I had shared... read more >>

Tables made easy 1

Jiro's pick this week is DataTable by Paul. MATLAB stands for MATrix LABoratory. So it's no surprise that we work with a lot of matrices. From time to time, I've wanted to embed... read more >>

Concatenate vectors of unequal lengths 1

Brett's Pick this week is padcat, by Jos--one of the File Exchange's most popular contributors. MATLAB has a few containers that are useful for storing heterogeneous... read more >>

A great utility for debugging 5

Brett's Pick this week is dbmute and unmute, companion functions that facilitate code tweaking and debugging. Those of you who read my colleagues' blog Ken & Mike on... read more >>

Close that Dialog!

Jiro's pick this week is AutoWarnDlg by Jan Simon. By this time, some of you may know that I am attracted to visual tools. I was browsing through the File Exchange last week, and... read more >>

Self-Balancing Wheeled Robot

Jiro's pick this week is Self-Balancing Robot by Yorihisa Yamamoto. This one comes from Tokyo, Japan. I am currently here for a few weeks working with the Application Engineers at the... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 51