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Jiro's pick this week is Google Weather by Sagar Aiya. Since I spend a lot of my work (and some non-work) time in MATLAB, I like to do most of my computer work from within MATLAB if possible. I've used COM interfaces and other external interfaces to make MATLAB do things outside of MATLAB, such as sending email through Outlook. Sagar's gweather allows me to prolong my stay inside MATLAB by giving me the weather information right in the Command Window. Here's the weather and the forecast at MathWorks headquarter:
gweather('Natick, MA');
Current Conditions:
19°C, 39% Humidity, Clear

Thu:  1°C to 18°C, Mostly Sunny
Fri: -2°C to  8°C, Chance of Showers
Sat: -2°C to  6°C, Mostly Sunny
Sun:  0°C to 11°C, Clear
Right now, I'm in Philadelphia for some seminars and customer visits.
Current Conditions:
19°C, 52% Humidity, Cloudy

Thu:  7°C to 20°C, Mostly Sunny
Fri:  2°C to 11°C, Mostly Sunny
Sat:  1°C to  8°C, Clear
Sun:  6°C to 15°C, Clear
And tonight, I head up to Montreal for another seminar.
gweather('Montreal, QC');
Current Conditions:
12°C,  0% Humidity, Light rain

Thu: -3°C to 12°C, Rain
Fri: -8°C to  0°C, Partly Sunny
Sat: -4°C to -1°C, Partly Sunny
Sun:  1°C to  8°C, Mostly Sunny
Wow, it seems unseasonably warm, but I'm not complaining right now. Comments Let us know what you think or leave a comment for Sagar.

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