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Playing Billiards in MATLAB

Brett's Pick this week is pool, by Husam Aldahiyat.

Today's quick Pick is all about escapism.

Back in grad school, I used to enjoy sipping a home-brew and shooting pool in my living room. Friends would come over, and we'd play for hours. Inevitably, the "real world" rears its head. I now have children, I haven't brewed beer in many years, and my wife won't let me have a pool table in my living room. (Of course, the kids are their own reward, but I can still reminisce, can't I?)

Husam's entry brought me back, for a few moments, to halcyon days, drinking beer and playing billiards. And it brought a smile to my face.

Simply type pool at your MATLAB prompt, and you'll be presented with a 3D-rotatable pool table. You can specify the shooting angle and stroke force, and press a button to shoot. Sink all six balls in any order without scratching, and you win!

Thanks, Husam. You brightened my day!

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Published with MATLAB® 7.14

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