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Start MATLAB in Last Working Directory 4

Brett's Pick this week is "Startup MATLAB in Last Working Directory", by Michelle Hirsch.Several years ago, Loren wrote a blog post encouraging people to share the contents (at least thematically)... read more >>

Clear Everything! 14

Jiro's picks this week are ccc by Chad Greene and clr by Brenden EppsYes, this week's picks are these 3 lines of code:clear all close all clc Is this a joke?! No, not really.In my day-to-day... read more >>

Interactively measure features in images 3

Brett's Pick this week is "Image Measurement Utility", by Jan Neggers.Those of you who have followed my Picks over the years (or ever downloaded one of my own File Exchange submissions, or read my... read more >>

Multi-line Comet Plot 3

Jiro's pick this week is multicomet by Ben.Did you know that we had a function called comet that allows you to animate trajectory plots? It was like a hidden gem for me when I found it. It's a... read more >>

Spirograph! 2

Brett's Pick this week is "Spirograph GUI", by Brian Moore. Just cool fun. You gotta try this!As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments. Or leave feedback for Brian here. Get the... read more >>

Change Your Mask, Change Your Look! 1

Greg's pick this week is Dynamic Mask Field Changing From Selected Pulldown Menu by David Manegold.Ever wanted to change how your Simulink block mask appears depending on certain parameter... read more >>

Plot (real) Big

Jiro's pick this week is Plot (Big) by my co-worker Tucker McClure."Big data"That seems to be the buzz lately. But when people say "big data", it could mean a lot of things.Storing big... read more >>