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readtext 3

Bob's pick this week is readtext by Peder Axensten.   Jiro recently highlighted textscantool which can make it much easier to import text data into MATLAB. But you may have encountered... read more >>

Dual interactive (and useful!) cursors 2

I love the power and extensibility of MATLAB. Want to create a line you can drag across your plot? It’s not so hard to create
one. (In fact, our very own Doug recently posted a nice video… read more >>

Detecting Circles in an Image 51

A customer recently provided me with an image of cells that were roughly circular, but not very well defined, and often overlapping. He asked how we might use MATLAB and the Image Processing... read more >>

Inserting Rows 7

Jiro's pick this week is INSERTROWS by Jos van der Geest.   This function does exactly what the name says: it inserts rows into a matrix. What makes this significant is that this... read more >>

Finding Local Extrema 22

Many times, I've wanted a quick way to find the local minima or maxima in my data. Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera's submission EXTREMA makes it easy to do, and is Brett's selection for the Pick of... read more >>

Icon Editor 2

Bob's pick this week is IconEditor v1.4 by Elmar Tarajan. This tool could improve your MATLAB workflow more than you might think. Let me explain.   If you follow the MATLAB Desktop... read more >>

Files Under Folders (FUF) 1

Bob's pick this week is Files Under Folders (FUF) by Francesco di Pierro.   Have you ever misplaced a file? Suppose you know the extension (type) but forgot what you called it or where... read more >>

Renaming Variables 9

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange.
Jiro’s pick this week is RENVAR by Duane Hanselman.
Imagine that you defined a variable:
oldVar…