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Explaining Model-Based Design to your Mom

Today, we had a short conversation at the start of a meeting. It went something like this:

Guy: Yesterday I opened the main page of the MathWorks website and saw a link to a new video about Model-Based Design.

Seth: We should highlight that video with a blog post!

Guy: I thought you would say that. Here it is:

Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink video

Guy: Did you hear that? 200,000,000 lines of code in my car!

Seth: So when I hit the breaks, I'm running C code! Cool. I feel like I will be able to show this video to my mom, my dad and my non-engineers friends to give them an idea of what I do!

Guy: During the last few years I have actually worked on technical support requests related to many of the projects mentioned in this video!

Jason (The guy with the blue shirt and cool glasses in the video): In case you are not familiar with Model-Based Design, I recommend looking at this section of our website to get more info and download a tech kit to help you getting started.

Now it's your turn

Guy: How do you like the video?

Seth: How does your mom like it? Leave us a comment here.

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