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Under development: Simulink Symphonics

Today we have been authorized to give you a sneak peek at a new blockset Guy is working on: SimMusic.

Seth: This new tool will facilitate the application of Model-Based Design to development of new rhythms and music effects. How does it work?

Guy: To begin, you need sources. You can provide the musical score, connect instruments to your computer, or choose from a vast library of already available musical sources. For example here are the sources I am currently using:

Musical sources

Guy: Then you pick instruments to through which you will play your song:

Musical Instruments

Guy: Here is my latest model, where I started with my favorite Metallica song. I wanted to make it sound special, so I made the bass sound like a bagpipe. Then I used a microphone to replace the original vocal track.

SimMusic example model

Guy: Finally, you can output your creation to any device of your choice. Even non-traditional hardware!

Seth: Here is an example of the market where SimMusic is useful. (Watch the embedded video below.) At Czech Technical University in Prague they played a Czech Christmas carol using Simulink and a HUMUSOFT DAQ board to control a couple of dot-matrix printers. Imagine how much time and effort SimMusic could have saved them!

Guy: Up to now, we received tremendous feedback from everyone who tried SimMusic. For example, former blogger, and technology expert Scott Hirsch commented:
Scott Hirsch, MATLAB Product Manager, and avid printer symphony listener

"Making cars drive, airplanes fly, yada yada yada. Forget about it. THIS is the coolest thing Simulink has ever done!!"

Seth: This tool will have a tremendous impact on society and accelerate the pace of music composition and performance! This sounds so good, Guy and I are starting a band called Polar Foils.

What do you think?

Do you compose music in Simulink? Will you buy a copy of SimMusic? Leave us a comment here.

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