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Welcome R2015a!

MATLAB R2015a just went live, let's explore some of the new features.

Dashboard Library

In R2015a, you will find a new Dashboard section in the Simulink Library Browser with many controls and displays:

Dashboard in the Simulink Library Browser

When you drop one of those in your model, double-click on it to associate it with any signal. Click play and begin to use those new controls and displays.

Dashboard controls and displays in a Simulink model


I have to admit, this feature should have been implemented a long time ago! I have seen many models where Annotations or empty Subsystems were used to group blocks in a model. This is what the new Area does.

Area used in a Simulink model

Algebraic loop highlighting

Until now, it could be difficult to identify blocks in a algebraic loop. In R2015a, if there is an algebraic loop in your model, use Simulink.BlockDiagram.getAlgebraicLoops(bdroot) to highlight the blocks and signals involved in the loop.

Highlighting Algebraic Loop

Resettable Subsystem

For the regular readers, you might remember a post from last year titled What about a Resettable Subsystem?. Well... we made it! Woohoo!

This block can be very useful to reset the states of blocks that do not have reset ports, like the transfer function:

Resettable Subsystem

Simplification of Sample Time Specification

If you open the dialog of many basic math blocks, you will notice that something is gone when compared to previous releases. We hope this will make managing sample times simpler. If you want to specify multiple rates in your model, use the Rate Transition block.

Sample Time

Try the Time Scope

In R2015a, you have the option to try a new type of Scope, the Simulink Time Scope.

When you add a Scope to your model, click the Try Time Scope button:

Try the new Time Scope

The Scope will be replaced by a new Time Scope very similar to the Time Scope that has been available in the DSP System Toolbox for many releases. This new scope has many features like cursors, statistics and triggers.

Time Scope

Now it's your turn

Take a few minutes to review the release notes and let us know what is your favorite feature in R2015a by leaving a comment here.

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