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Read data from the web with URLREAD 27

I am blogging a little early this week because of the holiday. What holiday would that be? Square Root Day– 03/03/09. What makes this a particularly special event is that today’s video… 続きを読む >>

Dynamic field name usage 17

This short video shows how you can make your code shorter, more flexible, and readable by using a string variable to reference a field in a structure. This is called dynamic field name reference or… 続きを読む >>

Binning data in MATLAB 23

I have been reading the MATLAB questions in Stack Overflow for a few weeks, and here was a really good question that came through. With two vectors, x and y, bin the x values as if with a… 続きを読む >>

MATLAB example: Don’t reinvent the thermometer

My last post talked about finding MATLAB code from other people so that you do not have to reinvent it yourself. Eric, the author of the code I modified, challenged me to create “a new Matlab… 続きを読む >>

MATLAB example: Don’t reinvent the wheel 1

I love a good visualization of data, and often cringe when I see data in a table that would be much more effective as a graph. As with many people in Boston today, I am trying to decide what to do… 続きを読む >>

Video Tutorial: Using visualization to debug 3

A question came up on the MATLAB newsgroup about debugging a sorting algorithm. I thought this was an excellent opportunity to show how visualization of intermediate results would help to determine… 続きを読む >>

Video tutorial: Debugging a logical indexing problem 4

I love getting well formed question and challenges from fellow MATLAB users. This week I got one that works very well as a video. The problem was trying to index into a vector with a vector of… 続きを読む >>

MATLAB Puzzler: Finding the two closest points 23

Here is a new MATLAB Puzzler. Given two vectors representing the X and Y coordinates of some points, find the two closest points in Cartesian space. n = 10; x = rand(1,n); y = rand(1,n); … 続きを読む >>

MATLAB Puzzler: Removing columns and rows from binary matrices 35

I am trying something new this week: the MATLAB Puzzler. Rather than just work one of the Practical Examples directly, I am doing it in two parts. The first I will pose the MATLAB puzzler and say… 続きを読む >>

Practical Example: Placing a sampling grid in a polygon part two 1

This is the second video in this series, it shows you how to run a very simplistic optimization. For a simple problem like this one, the algorithm is more than sufficient to find a correct answer to… 続きを読む >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 33