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MATLAB Basics: Getting started from Excel 6

Posted by Doug Hull,

This is one of a series of videos covering MATLAB basics. It is meant for the new MATLAB user. This video covers how to use the import wizard to bring in files, and then use the plot tools to customize a graphic. Finally, the “save as” feature is used to get... read more >>

Video series: Expanding the GUI to do calculations on the data from Excel 6

Posted by Doug Hull,

Last month we covered a lot of ground in making a GUI that would read and display Excel data (click here to see the original post). Since those videos were originally posted, I have gotten quite a few requests to expand the GUI to do some analysis. This... read more >>

Video series: Reading Excel data into MATLAB with a GUI 143

Posted by Doug Hull,

I had a chance to work with a MATLAB user that was interested in bringing her Excel data into MATLAB and plotting different variables. This was a fairly standard file format, just columns of data. It was pretty easy to read in the data with XLSREAD: Note that three... read more >>

Graphical tutorial: Import data from Excel, plot in MATLAB 7

Posted by Doug Hull,

I am always trying new ways of teaching people how to use MATLAB. This week, I am trying a very graphical step by step method. I have made screenshots of every click along the path while importing data from an Excel file and getting a custom graph of... read more >>

Clipboard to Excel

Posted by Doug Hull,

A lot of us MATLAB users hate to admit it, but sometimes circumstances arise and for reasons beyond our control, we need to use Excel. When that happens it is nice to be able to easily bring your data to Excel. There are functions that will do that... read more >>

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