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搜索结果: 2021

The Complement of the Menger Sponge 1

The complement of an evolving Menger sponge is all of the material that has been removed so far.... 更多内容 >>

Season’s Greetings 2021

Season's Greetings 2021 __________________________________________________________Marc Lätzel (2021). XMas Tree (,MATLAB... 更多内容 >>

A New View of Our Logo 4

On a recent visit to Ann Arbor, I met ten-year old Eden Rajapakse. Here is her sketch of the L-shaped membrane. Download Live... 更多内容 >>

The Menger Sponge Fractal 1

The Menger sponge is a popular fractal that generalizes Cantor sets and Sierpinski triangles. Its fractal dimension is between two and three.... 更多内容 >>

The Computer Graphics Matrix and a Cube

Use a cube instead of the Utah Teapot in my previous post. I was pleasantly suprised by the final screen shot.... 更多内容 >>

The Matrix at the Heart of Computer Graphics 7

Matrices like the ones shown in the following screen shots are at the heart of computer graphics. They describe objects moving in three-dimensional space. MATLAB's Handle Graphics uses them. So does MathWork's new RoadRunner editor. And so do all popular video games and CAD packages.... 更多内容 >>

Quaternions 3

Quaternions are generalizations of the complex numbers that have found applications in computer graphics and many other fields.... 更多内容 >>

Round, With Tie Breakers, A Prototype

In February and March I published three blog posts about an enhancement request for MATLAB concerning tie breakers with the round function, including the ability to round ties to even. Round One, Round Two and Round Three. Since then, a group of us at MathWorks, organized by my colleague (and academic great-great-grand-descendant) Heiko Weichelt, have been considering the request. We had a virtual design review recently. This post describes a prototype incorporating the features that were discussed at that review.... 更多内容 >>

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