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An Eigenvalue Sensitivity Example

On May 29-30, I plan to attend a conference, organized by Nick Higham, at the University of Manchester. The title of the conference is... read more >>

Experiments with Variable Format Half Precision

For the past month I have been working with the variable format 16-bit floating point arithmetic that I described in this post. It has been frustrating work. I have found that the limited precision and limited range of half precision make it barely usable for the kind of experiments with matrix computation that I like to do. In this post I will describe a few of these experiments.... read more >>

VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan 1

VAXBARN Restores Vibrating Membrane on Ardent Titan dore_frame This is a short post to point to a web site in the Netherlands, VAXBARN. The site proprietor, Camiel Vanderhoeven, is assembling a... read more >>

The Jordan Canonical Form Just Doesn’t Compute 4

Camille Jordan (1838-1922)...

EISPACK, Matrix Eigensystem Routines

The ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages, SIGPLAN, expects to hold the fourth in a series of conferences on the History of Programming Languages in 2020, see HOPL-IV. The first drafts of papers are to be submitted by August, 2018. That long lead time gives me the opportunity to write a detailed history of MATLAB. I plan to write the paper in sections, which I'll post in this blog as they are available. This is the second such installment.... read more >>

Hypercubes and Graphs

The adjacency matrix of a hypercube demonstrates the new MATLAB graph object.... read more >>

Bug Report Revives Interest in SVD Option of “Eigshow”

A few days ago we received email from Mike Hennessey, a mechanical engineering professor at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has been reading my book “Numerical Computing with MATLAB” very carefully. Chapter 7 is about “Eigenvalues and Singular Values” and section 10.3 is about one of my all-time favorite MATLAB demos, eigshow. Mike discovered an error in my description of the svd option of eigshow that has gone unnoticed in the over ten years that the book has been available from both the MathWorks web site and SIAM…. read more >>

19 Dubious Ways to Compute the Zeros of a Polynomial 2

During the SIAM Annual Meeting this summer in Boston there will be a special minisymposium Wednesday afternoon, July 13, honoring Charlie Van Loan, who is retiring at Cornell. (I use "at" because he's not leaving Ithaca.) I will give a talk titled "19 Dubious Way to Compute the Zeros of a Polynomial", following in the footsteps of the paper about the matrix exponential that Charlie and I wrote in 1978 and updated 25 years later. I really don't have 19 ways to compute polynomial zeros, but then I only have a half hour for my talk. Most of the methods have been described previously in this blog. Today's post is mostly about "roots".... read more >>

Math and Music 4

What does $\sqrt[12]{2}$ have to do with music? What are equal temperament and just intonation? How can the MATLAB function rats help tune a piano? (This post is based in part on the Music chapter in my online book, Experiments in MATLAB.)… read more >>

The Eigenwalker Model of the Human Gait

A model of the human gait, developed by Nikolaus Troje, is a five-term Fourier series with vector-valued coefficients that are the principal components for data obtained in motion capture experiments involving subjects walking on a treadmill.... read more >>

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