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Choose a good font – your eyes will thank you 12

This past week I became aware that I was naively accepting MATLAB’s default code font, when I should be exploring the vast landscape of programmer fonts available. I finally settled on the… read more >>

What do your toolbars look like?

Back in April, Peter talked about how you can put The Tools You Want Where You Want Them (new in R2008a). We’d love to see how you’ve arranged your toolbars, and are offering free… read more >>

Code Folding Update in R2008a 11

We heard your requests, and have added 12 more foldable constructs, including full support for the new MATLAB class system. We introduced code folding back in R2007b (check out the blog entry on it… read more >>

The Tools You Want Where You Want Them

That title sounds like somebody’s advertising catch phrase, but what I’m referring to is the toolbar customization and rearrangement capability that was added to the MATLAB desktop in R2008a. This… read more >>

Sharing Your M-Lint Settings 4

Writing robust, production quality MATLAB code is a whole lot easier when you use M-Lint. M-Lint inspects your code for problems and also recommends changes that will help improve the performance or… read more >>

Exploring your data with datatips 14

In the spirit of encouraging you to try out cell mode, lets look at a feature that will help you keep your focus in the editor while crafting your cells.
As I mentioned in an a previous blog entry… read more >>

Making a feature request 8

It’s pretty clear that MATLAB users have some great ideas on how to make the product better. Browsing through this blog’s comments reveals some of those ideas. We love your suggestions as… read more >>

Filter your help 3

If you are using MATLAB with a lot of toolboxes and blocksets, there is a lot of documentation available to you in the Help browser. That’s almost always a good thing, but if you’re… read more >>

Feeling colorful? 18

Some days my eyes are tired and other days I am just bored with a white background and black text. On these days I go and set my MATLAB Desktop background and foreground colors to something… read more >>

Oops, I accidentally closed MATLAB!! 4

If you have always wanted a confirmation dialog to prevent you from accidentally closing MATLAB, we added one a few of releases ago (R14sp2). It is off by default, but you can easily enable it by… read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 30