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Computer Resource Monitor with Python and ThingSpeak 1

Posted by Hans Scharler,

[Chris Lee] of Australian Robotics created a project that uses ThingSpeak as a resource monitor for a computer. His project explains how he uses Python to send HTTP POST requests to a ThingSpeak Channel. The data that he is sending is CPU and memory usage. This application could be used for monitoring servers and verifying uptime.  Chris also makes use of the ThingSpeak Charts API to visualize the data in real-time.

The latest Python code to interface to ThingSpeak is available on GitHub.

[via Australian Robotics]

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Australian Robotics replied on : 1 of 1
Thanks Thingspeak for the gift certificate-- maybe I'll buy myself an mBed or an LPC1768 dev board. Great extrapolation of the possible uses of a resource monitor, it would indeed be useful for monitoring servers, render farms or scientific number crunchers!