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You Can Learn from Sensor Data

Something stuck me today. You can learn from your sensor data. Why go to all of the trouble of logging data without ever taking a look at it and make adjustments? For example, knowing your energy use only helps if you can lower your power use. This is why most power monitoring apps grow stale. In some cases there is little you can do about your power use or you’re not given the tools to make an impact. Our goal with ThingSpeak is to make it super easy to connect things, collect data, share data, and make sense of it all. We wanted to re-confirm our commitment to you. We were spurred on by a recent Tweet from @WaterSim.

[Elad Salomons] of OptiWater noticed that his house water pressure was 9 bars and this set him on a collision course with the Internet of Things. In his research he discovered ioBridge and ThingSpeak. He was able to connect sensors to the web, visualize the data, and come up with a few ah-ha’s in the process.

Gauge showing water pressure

Elad is enjoying the process so much that he wanted to share the learning experience with you. He has created a contest based on some sensor data he has collected. You can look at the data and download historical data over at his Water Simulation blog to see if you can explain the correlations. You have until June 30, 2011 to figure it out. Visit Elad’s blog for more information or look him up on Twitter. $100 to learn something? That’s awesome!

[via Water Simulation / ioBridge]

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