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ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

Smart Home Project with ThingSpeak, Arduino, chipKIT, and Drupal

Via Twitter, we caught wind of a project by a group of Rutgers University SCI ITI students. As their final project, the team built a working model of a smart home using sensors connected to ThingSpeak cloud services via Arduino and chipKit. They were able to embed their data and integrate with their Drupal-based website and show a live demonstration of the smart house. Lots of cool technology went into their project including a small scale model complete with balsa wood and Popsicle sticks. This proved to be a great way to show how their project works with other students and faculty.

This video that we discovered on YouTube is the team’s presentation. You will get to see ThingSpeak in action, live in front of an audience about halfway thru…

We hope you got an “A” on the project (do they still give letter grades?)!

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