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Unlocking Data from Twine by using ThingSpeak

[Risto] from Supermechanical wrote a tutorial on how to use the Twine with ThingSpeak web services such as Data Logging and Charting. The tutorial explains how you can use the Twine’s easy-to-use sensor module to trigger events and push data over to ThingSpeak. This opens up the data captured by Twine and allows for all kinds of new applications.

The Supermechanical team put this combination of Twine and ThingSpeak to use right away. They created a “Productivity Quantification” system to capture events around the office and try to determine how productive they are. They were able to track how much coffee they were drinking, snacks they were eating, toilets they were flushing, and things they were finishing. The results are a quantified picture of office productivity and a beautiful display of the data via the ThingSpeak API.

Twine Coffee Maker Monitor

Creating a Twine Action to push data to ThingSpeak is really easy to do. Here’s what it looks like…

Twine Action to ThingSpeak

To do more with ThingSpeak and Twine make sure to check out the tutorial on the Supermechnical blog.


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