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New API for Public ThingSpeak Channels Makes it Easy to Discover Open Data

ThingSpeak is growing quickly these days. Our traffic is high and the user growth is soaring. Thanks to everyone for your interest and patience as we continue to stabilize, add more servers, and add more features to help with your Internet of Things projects.

Question: How do I find ‘public’ ThingSpeak Channels?

In order to help developers find open data inside of ThingSpeak Channels, we created a new API for searching the public ThingSpeak Channels.

Here are the Public ThingSpeak Channels. We order the channels by activity and completeness. Channels may be tagged and this helps find data that you might find interesting for your application. We also have API commands that you can pass to the ThingSpeak Channel API to return the public ThingSpeak Channels in either JSON or XML format.

Here are some easy examples:

For support and questions, please use the ThingSpeak Forum.

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