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There is a Hamster on Twitter Now… Thanks to ThingSpeak, Arduino, and ESP8266 Wi-Fi 3

Posted by Hans Scharler,

What does an adorable hamster need? Internet of Things, but of course. Using ThingSpeak, ESP8266 Wi-Fi, and Arduino, Ángel from San Sebastián built a monitoring system for his hamster which is dubbed “RunnerHam“.

Hamster Internet of Things

RunnerHam Tweets his distance and time when he takes a run on his wheel, “I’m done! 57.62m at 0.61m/s”. You can also check out his ThingSpeak Channel where he records lots of data about his day.

Hamster on wheel IoT ThingSpeak

Ángel also released an Instructables explaining his “pet project” so you can make your own and make your own enhancements. Just imagine what you can do with some sensors, connectivity, and ThingSpeak Web Services!

[via Instructables]

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tytower replied on : 1 of 3
I suggest you take a look at ESP8266. http://www.esp8266.com/index.php This is truely a standalone $3 solution to the IoT . I have one putting data on thingspeak https://thingspeak.com/channels/38247/ . Note there is no Arduino anywhere. The chip is 5 times faster and holds 16 times as much programming code . Shoot me an email if you want the working code .
Bill Eason replied on : 2 of 3
Hi tytower, I bought my first 8266 modules a few months ago, but I'm really just now getting into having them do anything. Your working code would be a great help if you would share that. I don't see here how to get your email address....? Thanks! Bill