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ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

Learn about IoT and Digital Twins

An emerging topic with IoT is Digital Twin (DT).

The digital twin is a federation of data and models that can be analyzed or put into a simulation to create useful information about the past, present, or future of the DT’s physical twin.

Bruce Sinclair of the Iot-Inc. Business Show podcast invite Jim Tung, a MathWorks fellow, to discuss models, simulation, and digital twins. Jim shares information about a few MathWorks customer use cases and our products used for modeling, simulation, and IoT.

Bruce and Jim talk about many interesting and key topics for IoT system development, including:

  • The difference between data-driven models and functional models
  • Using raw data to calibrate, update and validate functional models
  • System level modeling
  • The importance model hierarchy to discover insights
  • A smart grid digital twin example
  • The role of deep learning in digital twin modeling
  • The actionable steps of how to create your digital twin

To listen to the  Iot-Inc. Business Show podcast, either subscribe on iTunes or play the episode on Iot-Inc.

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