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μPLibrary – .NET Micro Framework Client for ThingSpeak Platform

Posted by Hans Scharler,

.NET Micro Framework Developer [paolopat] created a client for the ThingSpeak platform. This allows any device that supports the .NET Micro Framework to access ThingSpeak web services by using the μPLibrary 1.8. The library is available on NuGet Gallery and abstracts the ThingSpeak API. The library works with the popular Netduino Plus and other devices… read more >>

Seriot: Serial Bridge for the Internet of Things

Posted by Hans Scharler,

[willnue] created Seriot which is a Windows-based serial bridge for sensors (and devices like Arduino and Netduino) and ThingSpeak web services. Seriot listens to serial commands and sends them to ThingSpeak without having to have a dedicated network connection at each sensor. Visit NueWire to download the Windows application and… read more >>

“Twitter” App for Things

Posted by Hans Scharler,

Here’s a project from ShadowLord himself. It’s a Twitter-like front-end using HTML, CSS, and jQuery to read a ThingSpeak Channel from his house.
With this project, I wanted to take it a few steps further and build something from the ground up that’s focused on collecting enormous amounts of data from everyday objects,… read more >>