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MATLAB Publishing for Teaching

Since MATLAB has had the capability to publish M-files, we have seen publishing being adopted at many educational institutions. And there is a variety of ways for you
to find out just what’s been published out there, perhaps so you can leverage it.



How to Find Published M-files

First, how can you find published M-files on the web? Here are some techniques.

  • From the MATLAB Central Metrics page, select Web Demos and then look at the Domain Index.
  • Using Google (search for “Published with MATLAB”) or look at the MathWorks-generated Web Demos index.

Some Good Educational Sites

You’ll find pointers to a lot of educational sites at the web demos index. I know that some good files are to be found at

  • UMD,
  • Sussex, and
  • Swarthmore.

But you can just poke around and find a lot of good stuff up and down this list. Here’s a really good site I noticed recently
for teaching Calculus.

Who Publishes?

I’ve been very happy, as I look at the web demos coming in, to see that published M-files are being used by professors more
and more. Some of them are lovely and well made. Here are a few favorites of mine:

What are People Using Published M-files for?

People seem to be using published M-files for educational purposes in three ways, sometimes melding together the first two.

  • demos, concepts, explanations, class notes
  • homework assignments
  • adminstering exams

Homework Examples

Sometimes they’re used for homework assignments. Here are some examples from NJIT.

  • MATLAB introduction
  • Newton’s method
  • Numerical integration
  • Taylor series

Example of an Exam

And sometimes they’re even used for exams.

Do You Publish from MATLAB for School?

If you use publishing for some aspect of school work, post here and please post 1 (one) URL to your own best site. Please also post a URL to a site (new to you perhaps) that uses |publish
and you think has material potentially useful to you and others.

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