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Learning MATLAB

Do you learn best by reading, watching, or doing? I do best with a combination of all three for learning technical material.


First Step - Motivation

For me, the first step in learning is finding out that some feature or technique exists. This often happens in a seminar or a discussion, sometimes by reading a paper. For me it helps if there's motivation to give me some context. And it's especially helpful if there's an example solving a problem similar to one I want to solve!

Second Step - Grab Code and Modify

Having decided it's time to learn about some particular algorithm or some feature, what to do next? For some, the first instinct will likely be to search the web looking for code or references. If I already have the software, I tend to look in the documentation, and, if possible, find example code close enough to what I hope to do. I then make a copy and modify from there. But that's just my learning style.

What's Your MATLAB Learning Style?

I'm guessing since you are reading this blog that reading examples is at least partially help to you. There are some other resources, beyond all the blogs and code on MATLAB Central.

I've mentioned Cleve's books here. In addition to examples, videos and demos on The MathWorks web site, there is now a MATLAB Channel on YouTube.

How do you learn best? Where do you go for your MATLAB information? Post your thoughts here and please include links to any additional valuable references you use for learning MATLAB.

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