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MATLAB Used to Map EarthQuakes from Satellite Data

A friend just pointed out to me a really cool article: Turns Out Satellites Work Great for Mapping Earthquakes. It's about mapping earthquakes using satellite data. This sounded intriguing because I know earth scientists use MATLAB after the fact to analyze seismic data, but I was less certain what exactly they might do with satellite data and earthquakes. The article, centered on work by Bill Barnett from U. of Iowa, is very interesting. Rather than wait for data to be processed well after events occur, Bill demonstrates what can be done with the data in a much shorter time period, allowing first responders to expedite their decision making regarding where, when, and how to respond to damaging events.

I contacted Bill and verified that he uses MATLAB to perform calculations such as how much the earth moved, what kind of earthquake mechanism is in play, and how large the active fault dimensions are. He shares his code here. This sort of analysis may encourage data providers to make relevant data available as quickly as possible so scientists can collaborate with first responders as soon as possible.

Do you have an interesting story to tell with your data? I bet you do! Let us know here.

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