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An Old Adage in MATLAB

I have to admit, I enjoy puns and plays on words of almost any kind. As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about the MATLAB function eval. And something just clicked for me. I am sure the person sitting in the car beside me at the light thought I was crazy.

$$zip(\$) = \sqrt{all(e^{val})}$$

Of course, later I looked on the internet, and, of course, found variants dozens of times over. Oh well.

To understand the equation I wrote, it may help to know some tennis terminology.

It may also help to know some synonyms for 0 :-).

Of course, we, at MathWorks, might say something a bit different. See this article, and this one, for examples. They discuss why not too "poof" variables into the workspace.

$$eval = \sqrt[n]{bad \ surprises}$$

Bragging rights

Bragging rights go to the first correct English "translation" from a non-native English speaker. Post your answers here.

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