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What is?

I've been allowing my self some time these days to read more than usual about certain aspects of numerical math, deep learning, and other technical topics. In that regard, I found the timing of Nick Higham's new series, called What is, on his wonderful blog. He is a long-time and valued contributor on MATLAB Central and a friend to many of us at MathWorks.



Nick has chosen to cover very important topics in numerical computing, starting with some of the very basic definitions and matrix constructions. He has made his code available so we can all benefit. I learn something in each post I read, even on topics that I know a fair amount about.

Nick writes (and speaks - see him give a lecture if you ever get the chance!) with such beautiful clarity. And passes along insights as he goes. I learned a lot about rounding last week. In fact, I wish we could force everyone to read, and maybe even pass a quiz on this, before they use the colon operator(:) in MATLAB with a decimal stepsize!

What is your "What is?" Project?

In addition to my external reading, I am also using this time to learn more about parts of MathWorks products that I know less well.

Are you using this time to indulge in reading technical works that you might not ordinarily spend time? Let us know what is capturing your interests here.

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