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This week's pick is something I would expect my more whimsical partner, Scott, to have picked. But since he has not made a pick in a month, I can see why I got it first. This is a simple dialog box that can be used to give the user a SERIOUS warning before they do something really dangerous. It is on the humorous side, but could be easily modified to just be practical. I like that he added a screen shot to this and that he took the time to have plenty of random phrases to use. Reminds me of the old MATLAB command WHY. Deletion Review Team - Volunteers Wanted This week I would also like to pass on a special request from one of our most veteran MathWorkers, Ned Gulley. (Check out his blog too when you get a chance). Thanks to contributions from people like you, the File Exchange is lucky enough to have a very enviable problem: there are so many files that it's hard sometimes to tell which files are the really good ones. To help with this problem, we have ratings, download counters, and of course this column, the Pick of the Week. Another practice which we would like to begin is occasionally removing some of the less useful files. This is not something we take lightly. First of all, we would only consider files that have several "Vote for deletion" ratings (that is, those with many numeric ratings of one). Second, we would like to get your help in deciding what should stay; the File Exchange is your community. For that reason, we want to form a "Deletion Review Team" that will look at files with many ratings of one and decide if they should be removed from the File Exchange. We are looking for a few of volunteers who would be willing to review several files a month. If you're interested in participating, please e-mail me and tell me a little about your MATLAB background. Don't forget, also I am looking for contributions to a new style guide as mention in last week's post.
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