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LazyWeb on the File Exchange

In a recent post, I showed how Roger did a mash-up of two prior Picks. In the video, I actually made a request that someone make some further modifications to the code. This concept of asking other people to do software development tasks for you is often called “LazyWeb”.

We think it would be fun to have a page where people describe functions that they wish existed on the File Exchange. In other words, ask everybody on the web to make you something, and somebody might just do it. The key is to make a very clear and reasonable request. Leave a comment on this post if you can describe functionality that you’d like someone else to write for you. I’ll put that information on my blog, and if someone actually writes the program that you describe, I’ll mention it here and send that person a MATLAB t-shirt.

The requests and results have been moved to more static pages here:
Open Challenges
Closed Challenges

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