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Bob's pick this week is Stopwatch by Joseph Kirk. For starters this is a useful tool. Sometimes you just want to time a real world event. Who knows where Coach Jones went but MATLAB is right there on your PC. Grab stopwatch off the File Exchange and see just how long it takes that vibration to fizzle (or how fast Cindy can chug that espresso). Stopwatch is easy to use. It offers some nice features like time offset so it doubles as a count-down timer. The help includes lots of examples which is always a good thing. The code metrics for this submission caught my eye. Top marks on all but cyclomatic complexity. Not bad at all. Now look at all the reviews. Note that the first comment is on the bottom and the latest is on top. Then look at the change history (bottom of submission page). Joe used feedback from others to make his submission better. What a great example of social computing. Keep it up, Joe! Comments? Do you have a similar use for MATLAB? Tell us about it here.

Published with MATLAB® 7.6

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