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Pollock: Modern Art from Your Mouse

Brett's Pick this week is Pollock, by James Roberts.

Jackson Pollock (1912--1956) was a major figure in the artistic genre of abstract expressionism, perhaps best known for his "drip" style of painting. Pollock used a variety of tools (sticks, brushes, assorted applicators) to drip and splatter paint on his canvases. One has to think that he would have smiled had he had the opportunity to try out James's "Pollock" function.

James writes that his function allows one to "Paint like Jackson Pollock in MATLAB." In the "just-for-fun" vein, James's program allows one to create splattered "canvasses" in a MATLAB Figure Window. Simply issue the "pollock" command, and drag your cursor across the screen--quickly to create small splatters, slowly to create large drips.

I can't think of any utility for this program, but that's exactly why I like it. It's frivolous fun for all!


Published with MATLAB® 7.10

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