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On-figure magnifier

Bob's pick this week is On-figure magnifier by David Fernandez-Prim.

This is not the only File Exchange submission that provides a kind of exploded view for a particular region of interest in data plots. From the Pick of the Week archives for example, see also the March 2, 2006 post Dynamic plot zooming. In fact, magnifyOnFigure acknowledges magnify and magnifyrecttofig, along with ZoomBox and Jeweler's Loupe for inspiration.

I found the many gestures for manipulating regions and their insets to be quite impressive for starters. Tweaking your plot to make it look just right is an artistic aspect of scientific analysis that many of us take seriously. Having both coarse and fine grained controls is great.

I love the fact that multiple exploded views can be added to one plot. Maybe you have not needed to do this yourself, but someone interested in heart monitor blips might find this really useful. David even wired up the Tab key to conveniently switch between regions.

I always like to see interactions between different users working together. In the Comments and Ratings section notice the rich feedback suggested by Kris. Also note that the Update history shows a sizeable list of enhancements and bug fixes. This kind of user activity is great to see.


Published with MATLAB® 7.10

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